A dent on your record?

Posted on 7 of November, 2016 by in Property

Angela, a normal middle-aged woman with a basic salary has just landed herself in a load of trouble, which could possibly cause her not to go on holiday to Mauritius with her family in December. Angela went to the shop to buy bread before fetching her teenage son from school. As she opened the car […]

A new twist in the question: Is the buyer of an immovable property responsible for paying the seller’s outstanding municipal account?

Posted on 25 of July, 2016 by in Property

Municipalities are required to issue rates clearance certificates without which a property cannot be transferred from a seller to a buyer. The rates clearance certificate certifies that outstanding debts owing to a municipality up to the date of transfer have been settled. Property buyers relied on these certificates as proof that all previous debt on […]

Transfer of a property: Is vat or transfer duty payable?

Posted on 17 of June, 2016 by in Property

A purchaser is responsible for payment of transfer cost when acquiring an immovable property, but it should further be established if the transaction is subject to the payment of VAT or transfer duty to SARS. When an immovable property is transferred, either VAT or transfer duty is payable. To determine whether VAT or transfer duty […]