Estate planning

Posted on 17 of August, 2018 by in Estate

It is very important for you to plan your estate, which could include a living will, a last will and a living trust. This can help families prepare for difficult times when you are no longer around to assist or advise them. Our lives get busier and more complicated by the day, so estate planning […]

Some pointers for planning your estate

Posted on 2 of February, 2017 by in Estate

The main aim of planning your estate is to ensure that as much of the accumulated wealth is utilised for your own benefit and for the maximum utilisation of dependents on your death. “Estate planning” has been defined as the process of creating and managing a programme that is designed to: Preserve, increase and protect […]

Administering of an estate

Posted on 2 of February, 2017 by in Estate

The administering of a deceased estate is regulated by the Administration of Estates Act No 66 of 1965 (as amended) and divided according to a valid will or the Intestate Succession Act No 81 of 1987 (as amended) or a combination of both acts. Various other acts and regulations may, however, also be applicable, like […]

Dealing with marriage and estate planning

Posted on 27 of July, 2015 by in Estate

The most important forms of marriage are: marriage in community of property, marriage out of community of property (without accrual), and marriage out of community of property (with accrual).    Marriage in community of property There is no prior contractual arrangement, apart from getting married; Spouses do not have two distinct estates; There is a […]