Tax on pension funds and divorces

Posted on 9 of September, 2016 by in Tax

It is an unfortunate reality that marriages may after many years end up in divorce. When this happens the parties either have to agree on how assets are to be split between themselves, or a court would order a certain division of assets to apply. One such asset which is often involved is the accumulated […]

Salary sacrifice schemes – latest judgment by the supreme court of appeal

Salary sacrifice schemes are popular in practice. Typically, they involve employers paying a decreased salary to their employees, with an added fringe benefit to make up for the lost ‘cost to company’ sacrificed by the employee to obtain the benefit. For example, an employee may prefer to enter into a salary sacrifice with his/her employer […]

Personal service companies

Natural person taxpayers who earns a salary have very few items of expenditure available to them which they may deduct for income tax purposes (section 23(m) of the Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962). Generally, the deductions which salaried individuals may claim for income tax purposes are limited to amongst others contributions to retirement type […]

Jou primêre woning en kapitaalwinsbelasting

Posted on 9 of September, 2016 by in Tax

Kapitaalwinsbelasting is ‘n ietwat verkeerde benaming omdat dit nie ‘n belasting as sodanig verteenwoordig nie maar eintlik daarop neerkom dat ‘n gedeelte van ‘n persoon se kapitaalwins wat gerealiseer word wanneer ‘n bate verkoop word, by die persoon se belasbare inkomste ingesluit word, welke belasbare inkomste onderhewig is aan inkomstebelasting. In die geval van natuurlike […]