New proposed tax amendments

Posted on 17 of August, 2016 by in Tax

National Treasury releases proposed amendments to tax legislation on an annual basis. Some of the most important of these are already foreshadowed when the Minister of Finance delivers his budget speech in Parliament. The proposals made in that Budget Review are then formalised into proposed draft tax legislative amendments in the form of the Draft […]

How to manage your debt

Posted on 16 of August, 2016 by in Financial

Alecia had big financial problems; she had too much debt and her expenses outweighed her income. She decided to open a new bank account into which her salary could be paid, which would ensure that she could manage her salary before her monthly debit orders went off. Alecia thought it would be a good idea […]

Application for a loan

Posted on 16 of August, 2016 by in Financial

Entrepreneurs of small enterprises may find it difficult to obtain funding to start their business. You can try the bank, but that can be a real challenge. If you know where to look, new avenues can open up which might be worth pursuing. Stephen Sheinbaum, founder and CEO of Merchant Cash & Capital, believes that […]

Registrasie vir voorlopige belasting

Posted on 16 of August, 2016 by in Tax

Baie belastingbetalers dien hul belastingopgawes jaarliks in, onbewus daarvan dat hulle moontlik kragtens die Wet op Inkomstebelasting, 58 van 1962, ook as voorlopige belastingbetalers beskou kan word. In sy eenvoudigste vorm is voorlopige belasting bedoel om deur die loop van die jaar  gereelde kontantvloei na die fiskus te verseker. In hierdie sin dien dit ongeveer […]